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I will improve your WordPress site’s loading speed and performance.



I have more than 8 Years of expertise in the field of WordPress Core speed optimization and overall speed improvements for websites. I consider myself an extremely conceptual and innovative thinker. I’ll work to improve all aspects that you have on the design of your WordPress website.

Basic optimization consists of:

  • Minification of HTML/CSS/JavaScript
  • Lazy load + File Compression
  • Loading Time under <4sec ~
  • Browser Caching (Automatic)

Standard optimization comprises:

  • Image Compression
  • Optimization of hosting and databases
  • All of the basics from the gig
  • Loading Time under <2.5sec ~
  • Optimization of the core website (Advanced)

Premium optimization includes:

  • Loading Time under <1.5sec ~
  • CDN Integration (Cloudflare Configuration)
  • Optimization of WooCommerce (Advanced)
  • Plugin optimization (Custom)
  • All of the basics and regular gig
  • + More

Why should you hire me?

I have plenty of knowledge in the optimization of websites field. I can enhance your WordPress website as well as your hosting and database. I will also install Cloudflare with CDN, and I will eliminate any scripts that are not used and CSS.