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I Will Edit And Master Your Audiobook For Acx



Are you a Narrator or an independent Author/Agency with a book that doesn’t meet the ACX requirementsor you aren’t able to finish it. ?

I’m an ACX Specialist and I’m here to assist you. Perhaps you’ve had to go through an extended wait to see my Gig and you’re not worried. Let me take advantage of the chance by offering something amazing.

My Service is comprised of

  • Completely meeting every AcX Technical specifications. (RMS, Peak levels, Noise floor, etc.)
  • Eliminating unwanted sounds i.e. clicks, breaths sounds, sss and UHMs.
  • Removing errors, Repeat.
  • Make sure you adjust the spacing to ensure that the book flows smoothly.
  • Checking your proofreading Audiobook by listening to and checking every part of the your script.

I am working with the technical standards required by ACX and allows you to upload your audiobook to sell the book on Amazon Audible as well as other online platforms.

I’d like to address your questions about this Gig. I enjoy building long-lasting relationships with clients who require consistent and reliable editing. So please feel free to contact me, and I’ll endeavor to assist you. Contact me by telling me”I will soon approach you” or “I will be in touch with you shortly” or just by pressing on the continue button and then place your order.


 106 Palmerston Rd, Buckhurst Hill, Essex IG9 5LG, UK
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