What is a Digital Marketing Agency

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What is a Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing has become a vital aspect for companies. In fact, today commercial activity is related to digital culture, online presence and brand dissemination on social networks, both for B2C and B2B markets.

Aspects such as brand awareness, presence in social networks and the authority of the brand in digital media are directly related to digital marketing. It is not surprising, then, that there is a niche of opportunities for entrepreneurs who know how to take advantage of digital media and the tools available in the market to position brands, in accordance with the best practices of digital marketing.

A digital marketing agency company has a team of professionals who are experts in online marketing

A digital marketing agency company has a team of professionals who are experts in marketing, advertising, digital media and content strategies, focused on positioning their clients in the channels that best suit their offer. Its purpose is to improve brand presence and authority, lead generation, and deal-closing opportunities from online sources.

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Digital Marketing Services include:-

  • Ads and organic strategies in social networks
  • SEO positioning strategies
  • Content Marketing
  • Inbound marketing
  • Metric analysis
  • Website Development
  • Video Marketing
  • Influencer marketing

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The important thing is to determine in which areas your digital marketing agency is going to specialize.

It can be very tempting to offer as many services as possible, but keep in mind that each of these activities requires specialized resources and equipment. For example, a marketing agency that specializes in video will have a considerable investment in production and post-production equipment.

On the other hand, an agency focused on content marketing will have a much stronger research and writing team, focused on creating content that can vary from written to visual.

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Key roles in a digital marketing agency

Below, we go over the most important roles that make a digital marketing agency work according to industry standards and practices.

Digital marketing manager

Central figure in any digital marketing agency, the manager is in charge of defining the strategies in coordination with the department heads. Also, as part of his responsibility, he has to monitor the performance of the teams and analyze the results from time to time.

Social Media Manager

He is in charge of defining social media strategies so that the company has a clear strategy. He works closely with the community manager team, the ones in charge of carrying out these strategies in the practical field.

Digital Planner

The digital planner’s function is to find opportunities to create strategies in social networks and the platforms where the company’s target audience is located. Work closely with the social media manager and community managers to implement the strategies defined by management.

Content Manager

The content manager is in charge of planning and managing content strategies. It is a key position for any digital marketing agency. In addition, work closely with the SEO specialist to define content strategies throughout the year. Usually, these become an agenda that the creators are responsible for landing.

SEO specialist

It is in charge of analyzing the behavior of users who are part of the target audience. It is dedicated to understanding what interests them, how they search for it and how their internet search behaviors vary over time, especially on search engines such as Google or Bing. The SEO specialist has one goal: to find opportunities to create content that attracts an audience to the company.

Graphic designer

The designer is another fundamental piece of a digital marketing agency. He is in charge of everything related to the appearance of the website, the business blog, social networks and campaigns. We could see it as a bishop on the board of the agency: an essential element for each piece of content to look exceptional.

E-Commerce Specialist

This figure is in charge of building and sustaining the electronic commerce platform. It is responsible for analyzing the sales pattern, best-selling products, and seasons to generate deals through the e-commerce site. He is part of the sales team, but his work is closely related to the digital marketing team.

Account Executive

This figure serves as a bridge between managerial positions and creative positions (web design, video, content, graphics). He is in charge of articulating the strategies into concrete actions to achieve the objectives of the campaigns. As well as keeping the customers with whom the company has an open account satisfied.

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